How To Pursue Your Money

If you have a grievance against MHL Transport/Marnor Holdings Limited, you can take action. Here’s what to do.

#1. Try to resolve the issue directly with MHL Transport. 

In my experience, MHL Transport does not return emails when it doesn’t suit them. There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself directed to other individuals. You may also be told something is being taken care of (such as documents are being mailed) but they are not mailed. They seem to employ a wait-it-out strategy with individuals, hoping they will go away.

One thing to consider is in addition to emails, sending a Certified Letter via Canada Post. This offers proof that MHL Transport received your correspondence. If you do go to court, this will come in handy.

#2. File a Complaint Form with the Canada Labour Bureau.

Fill out the Complaint Form – Monetary, Road Transport (Trucking)  which you can find here.  This will be the first step in initiating an investigation by the Labour Program Inspector. DO IT! You have six months to file from the last date that the company was required to pay you. An investigation cannot be ignored.

#3. File a complaint with the BC Better Business Bureau.

It won’t help you get any money, but it will reflect on the company’s practices, and that’s a good thing. It will be used as a future reference by others. Go here to file a complaint online.

#4. Take Marnor Holdings/MHL Transport/Rite Way Freight/Road Rider/Craig Nicholson to Small Claims Court.

If you are owed under $25,000 you can file a claim against the company. You can represent yourself in court and seek to get the money you are owed. To begin the small claims process visit the BC Small Claims court website here.

Need help preparing your claim? I can connect you with someone. Send me an email.

If you’re above the $25K threshold, then unfortunately you’ll have to litigate outside of the Small Claims system. If you have a criminal case, well, that’s between you and the RCMP.

#5. Litigation.

Lawyers are expensive, but Canada has a “loser-pays” legal system wherein MHL Transport could be liable to pay your legal fees. Also, there’s power in numbers. One of the reasons I created this website was to connect drivers who have a grievance against MHL Transport. More people means costs can be absorbed by several individuals rather than one. The Canadian Bar Association has a lawyer referral service. They will connect you to a lawyer with whom you can have a free initial consultation. Visit their BC branch website here.

#6. Get the word out.

As I learned, it doesn’t take too long on the Internet to connect with other individuals who are in the same situation as you are. Talk to other truckers on websites like,, and Review MHL Transport on their own Facebook page. Share your experiences. Find out more from others.