Spread the Good Word

Creating this site has introduced me to a lot of good folks who all share the the belief that they were victims of unscrupulous business practices by Marnor/MHL/Road Rider/Rite Way. Each case has its own merits, of course, and ultimately the court system decides.

What’s important — and why I created this website for my friend — is that people are made aware that there are others out there with similar complaints. Again, this site exists solely because of what I saw MHL Transport doing to my friend. I saw the financial statements. I read the emails from Craig Nicholson. I was furious, and decided right then and there that I was going to get the word out in a big way.

So by all means, tell your friends and co-workers.

Are you a member of a trucking forum? Share your story. Share this website. There’s Truckstop Canada, BC Trucker, Truckers Report, and Inside Transport. Know of others? Tell me.

There are review websites like Pissed Consumer. Have a Facebook account? Leave a review. Tell your story, and don’t be bullied by toothless threats into removing it.

Have a story to tell the media? Try the Aldergrove Star, Langley Times, or BC Local News.

Get the word out.