Craig Nicholson Explains Why He Didn’t Show Up To Trial

I find this one hilarious.

This is regarding the case of Magik Transport v. Marnor Holdings Limited — a case that was first reported here. The case is one of many with the same theme: Inflated insurance charges, mystery fees, failure to return holdback fees, etc. Same story that many other claims have had. The Plaintiff sought over $7,600.

In this particular case, Nicholson apparently failed to appear before the court. Oops!

This resulted in a summary judgment in favor of the Plaintiff. Case closed? We’ll see. That’s the whole point of the affidavit: Sorry Judge! Can we have a do-over? I can explain!

Following the judgment, Nicholson and his lawyer sent a letter to the court explaining why he failed to appear in court. In the affidavit — which I find profoundly entertaining because of its comedy-of-errors premise — Nicholson explains that prior to visiting a “men’s health center” he lost his wallet and cell phone. Possibly on a table in a restaurant.



Most unfortunate!

After his stay at said facility, he says he flew somewhere for vacation (guess he doesn’t keep his ID in his wallet then). After that, you see, he traveled back home to see his family.

And he didn’t have a phone, remember?

When  he finally arrived home, he even popped into the office to say hello — but he still managed to not find out that he had a court date, because he says he didn’t check his email while he was there.


So, nearly a full month after he says he left his phone and wallet in a restaurant, he claimed he still didn’t have a new phone. So, obviously his lawyer couldn’t reach him! And he didn’t check his email because he loved being off the grid, so obviously he never learned about the court date! And no one in the office was aware his lawyer had been trying to reach him, or they’d have told him, obviously!

It’s all so obvious. Am I right?

I’ll continue to follow this case, of course, but man — I didn’t expect shedding light on these people to be so time consuming. They sure keep you busy!

Oh, and I see there’s a big court date for another case in the pipeline, so I’ll post that info next when I can.

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