1136370 On. Inc. v. Marnor Holdings

Another small claims case against Marnor. This plaintiff claims to be owed nearly $32,000 but they cut the number down to $25,000 so that they can pursue the case in Small Claims.

The claims made in 1136370 On. Inc. v. Marnor Holdings are similar to the claims made in many of the other cases against Marnor/MHL Transport/Road Rider/Rite Way, which is to say that the plaintiff claims that hold-back fees were not returned and that they were subjected to numerous mystery fees that added up over time.

I’ve seen the financial statements that Marnor has issued its drivers and I find them confusing. When I thought that perhaps I was misunderstanding them, I ran them by a former Marnor driver. He told me they were definitely confusing — debits in the credit column, credits in the debit column — so, at least it’s not me.




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