$35,000 Wright v. Road Rider Transport Ltd. Case Headed to Trial

Happy New Year!

I’m following up on the Wright v. Road Rider case mentioned in an earlier post. Wright is suing Road Rider (Marnor Holdings, MHL Transport) for over $35,000.

Wright’s claims against Marnor/MHL Transport/Road Rider/Rite Way/Craig Nicholson are very similar to those of other cases I’ve been following, and those claims of individuals who have contacted me directly asking for help:

Holding back funds, fuzzy math, obscure charges, superfluous ICBC charges, confusing statements… etc.

Here’s the Wright claim against Road Rider (Marnor):

I had Four (4) Trucks leased on with Road Rider Transport Ltd. as an Owner/Operator.

Road Rider Transport Ltd. breached their contract with me by taking deductions that were not authorized or covered in my signed contract with them.

I was charged for a trailer rental for an additional month after my trucks had already left the company.

I was charged for extra months of ICBC insurance on all Four (4) trucks after I had already left the company and the plates had already been returned to Road Rider Transport Ltd.

ICBC Pro Rates were not returned to me.

Hold Back’s of $5,000.00 per truck were not returned to me as per the signed contract.

There are charges listen on my owner/operator statements for Cargo Downstroke for all Four (4) Trucks and I have been informed by a Commercial Insurance Agent in British Columbia that there is no insurance called Cargo Downstroke.

Lots Revenues on all Four (4) Trucks.

I want a full accounting of what was charged to my trucks and copies of all supporting documents for those charges.

I would also like to know why Road Rider Transport Ltd. arbitrarily moved revenues between my Four (4) Trucks making it impossible to figure out their statements for my trucks.


Very interested to see how this pans out. There’s another VERY similar case in the immediate pipeline that I just came across and will post in detail.







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