Wright v. Road Rider Transport

I came across a new claim against Road Rider Transport. This one is asking for $35,000. It was filed in June 2017 and just revised in August.

Some items from the claim:

I had Four (4) Trucks leased on with Road Rider Transport as an Owner/Operator.
Road Rider Transport breached their contract with me by taking deductions that were not authorized or covered in my signed contract with them.

As someone who has now been spending waaaaaay too much time reviewing claims against Marnor Holdings, MHL Transport, Road Rider Transport and Rite Way Freight Systems, complaints against unauthorized deductions come up a lot.

I was charged for a trailer rental for an additional month after my trucks had already left the company. I was charged for extra months of ICBC Insurance on all four (4) trucks after I had already left the company and the plates had already been returned to Road Rider Transport.

Also sounds familiar. Whether through malfeasance or negligence, there seems to be a pattern of this. Another new claim I’ve come across and not yet posted has similar complaints.

Hold Backs of $5,000.00 per truck were not returned to me as per the signed contract.

The holding back of holdbacks is another complaint I’ve seen before. A claim I’ve not yet posted has a very interesting emails attached to it, where the non-return of holdbacks comes across as totally arbitrary, if not malicious.

I want a full accounting of what was charged to my trucks and copies of all supporting documents for those charges. 

I would also like to know why Road Rider Transport arbitrarily moved revenues between my four (4) trucks making it impossible to figure out their statements for my trucks.

The statement fuzziness is, again, another complaint I’ve come across before. Having seen driver statements myself, I’d have to say they I find them quite confusing. I have acquired audio of a former Marnor employee that suggests this is not by accident.

Here’s the official claim in its entirety. Like the other claims, I’ll follow and report as it plays out.

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