Supreme Court Case: Gundrum vs. MHL Transport

Here’s a new case, and instead of the usual Small Claims fare, this one was filed in the British Columbia Supreme Court, Vernon.

The case, Gundrum vs. Marnor Holdings/MHL Transport was filed in June 2017 and the case is only in the preliminary phase. The allegations are pretty interesting. Here are my favorites:

7. MHL Transport refused to pay an advance to cover the $2,500.00 ICBC deductible which was required by the repair shop in order to commence the repairs.

9. The Defendant fraudulently and with malicious intent to harm the Plaintiff reported the Plaintiff’s unit as stolen.

10. The Defendant further informed the RCMP that the vehicle plates were stolen.

Take a look at the full claim below. I’ll monitor and report as the case proceeds.



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