Several Negative Opinions from an Message Forum

From the message forums on the InsideTransport website, a thread that began in late 2014 but has posts as recent as just a week ago. The thread starts with an inquiry into Road Rider Transport, one of Marnor’s companies.

In 2016, one user claims the company had been “dropping the ball like crazy” – which is where things take a trip south and the complaints start to come out, such as:

“I have a client that had a huge dispute with Road Rider. If what I’m told is true, it REALLY isn’t good and I wouldn’t do business with them under ANY circumstances.”

“I have never had great luck with Marnor”

“…would avoid to use them at all costs. We caught them double broker freight (Road Rider) but i would not trust any of the related companies. We had blacklisted Marnor already and realized recently there was more to it under different names. Use at your own risk.”

“Road Rider definitely on our do not use list.”

“I’m pretty sure [sister company] Riteway was trying to double broker one of my orders. DNU for me as well.”

“I would stay clear of the entire MHL Group. Nothing but trouble in the making.”

Of course, it goes without saying that all of these folks – every single one! – could be completely wrong, misinformed, lying, falsely aggrieved, yadda-yadda. The company is certainly entitled to their own defense and are welcome to do so here, on any other forum, in direct communication with any owner/operators, in court, anywhere. It’s all good!

See the thread for yourself here.

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