CEO Nicholson Invites Individuals To Contact Him

In a comment left on an earlier post, company CEO Craig Nicholson invites any owner/operators with a grievance with his company to contact him. This is very good news:

I do encourage any one who may have an issue with Marnor ( MHL) to pick up the phone. If you would like to discuss any thing. I suggest you call , or e mail me. My personal line is 1-800-488 -2985 Ext 339. Please feel free contact me for anything you might be happy about or unhappy about . . If you don’t want to phone , then please feel free Email me I will leave that here as well. Sincerly Craig Nicholson. President /CEO – MHL TRANSPORT

Communication is a good thing. And if you can avoid the slog of small claims and enriching lawyers, I’d strongly recommend trying it.

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