How To File A Labour Complaint Against Marnor Holdings – MHL Transport, Rite Way Freight, Road Rider Transport

Let’s imagine you’re an owner/operator and you believe that one of the Marnor companies – MHL Transport, Rite Way Freight Systems or Road Rider Transport has withheld money from you.

Let’s imagine that you’ve tried phone calls and emails but you don’t think you’re getting anywhere. Maybe all you have to show for it is a handful of ranting, disjointed, grammatically-challenging emails calling you all sorts of names. Thanks for sending me those, by the way. Keep ’em coming!

So, whats an aggrieved fella (or lady) to do?

File a complaint with the Canada Labour Board for starters. Sure, your emails and phone calls can be ignored, but when a Labour Program Inspector comes calling, companies actually have to respond or they pay nasty fines.

Filing a complaint is very easy to do.

First, read the Labour Bureau’s easy-to-read explanation of how the complaint process works.

Then, take a moment to fill out the Complaint – Monetary, Road Transport (Trucking) form.

A Labour Program Inspector will be assigned to investigate the case.

Remember to provide them with all the evidence you need to support your allegation.

And most important:

You must file the complaint within six months from when the money was due to you.

You always have the recourse of making a Small Claims case later, but why not let the government do some work on your behalf? Put those tax dollars you’re paying to good use.

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