Small Claims Case: Spruce Hollow v. Rite Way Freight Systems

From BC Court Services online, here’s another Small Claims case. This one is currently underway. There has been a lot of back and forth paperwork as both parties get their ducks in a row for a trial. They say the wheels of justice turn slowly, and that’s no lie. This was filed in late May 2016 and is only coming up now.

The plaintiff is Spruce Hollow Heavy Haul, coming after Rite Way Freight Systems/Craig Nicholson for over $23,000 for an unpaid invoice:




Plaintiff states that he served a demand letter that was ignored. I’m wondering if it was sent via Certified Mail. If you are considering sending a demand letter or any correspondence, I’d recommend sending it Certified. It provides you with another layer of proof that the message was sent, and is much harder to ignore.

Rite Way/Nicholson has countered this claim and alleges that they are in fact owed over $15,000:


This claim will be going to trial soon. As the document below indicates, there is an 8 April 2017 deadline for both parties to exchange witness lists and make statements.





We will follow it and see what happens.

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  1. Please fell free to contact me about This file I’m with Spruce Hollow and Riteway us the court system to not pay their bills and hope you go away . Creg send threading emails to are office and try’s to hide behind sendthing by putting Without prejudice on them a real snake in the grass

      1. We got Judgment for $25,000 I will send you Detals when I get back from my trip . They are a bunch of crooks hands down

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