MHL’s Darla Nicholson Emails MHL Transport Reviews

Here’s an email received from Darla Nicholson, wife of MHL Transport CEO Craig Nicholson. My response follows.

—– Message from Darla Nicholson <> —–
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 22:06:01
From: Darla Nicholson <>
Subject: Libel


The website you have created is slanderous and cause for a libel suit. I would suggest it is your best interests to take it down before you encounter legal consequences for taking the law into your own hands instead of letting the legal system determine guilt or innocence. Please see below the definition of libel. If this website is not taken down within 48 hours, I will report it myself to the fullest degree and ensure that you are made aware of the consequences of such actions.

What is libel?
Libel is the type of defamation with a permanent record, like a newspaper, a letter, a website posting, an email, a picture, or a radio or TV broadcast. If you can prove that someone libeled you, and that person does not have a good defence (see the section on defences below), then a court will presume that you suffered damages and award you money to pay for your damaged reputation. But going to Supreme Court is expensive and even if you win, you may not get as much as it costs you to sue. In deciding on damages, the Court will consider your position in the community. For example, if you are a professional, damages may be higher.

Thank you kindly

Sent from my iPad

—– End message —–


Now that the allotted 48 hours have passed, will you report this site “to the fullest degree” — whatever exactly that means?

To whom shall you report it? I can make recommendations. Journalistic and federal organizations? Absolutely! Shedding light on the numerous, repeated allegations of these “vengeful” drivers would be the best way to get to the truth. I think that’s all anyone wants, really. They want to get to the bottom of things. They want to make their various cases and have you explain how they are all incredibly mistaken.

For just one example: If a driver believes you are jacking up the insurance costs from ICBC, they would like answers on that. They have the paperwork. They know what you charged them for insurance. They know what ICBC charged you for it. They know what an ICBC rep told them when it was ultimately looked into. Now they’d like to know what you have to say about it. Is it yes? Is it true that you’re adding hundreds of dollars to the monthly insurance charge and not telling the driver? Or is it no? Is it a complete falsehood, and you can prove it as such? Or is it a maybe? A misunderstanding, perhaps. Or might the discrepancies be explained, again, as a “clerical error.” An accounting boo-boo. A hiccup. An “Oops, my bad, here’s your money.”

That’s just one of the things drivers would like to shed some light on. Some of them have a harder time because English isn’t their native tongue. I hope to help them.

It’s awesome that you believe in “letting the legal system determine guilt or innocence” though. I believe in justice as well! Who doesn’t? That’s why this website exists in the first place! When I saw what my friend was being subjected to, I got angry. It didn’t seem right at all. It made me want to investigate your company. So I did. Shedding light on things helps to answer questions.

And here we are.

It’s weird that I would devote time and energy to something I have no personal financial stake in, right? Why would someone do that for no reason unless they felt, strongly, that their friend was perhaps being taken advantage of in a myriad of ways?

I’ll assume that you’re smart enough to know that this site is not “slanderous and cause for a libel suit.” That’s the kind of silly lawyer-words-thing people offer up when they’re hoping to intimidate someone. Alas, lobbing legalese from the comfort of your iPad might be effective on individuals who are not familiar with legal jurisprudence or the English language but that’s not going to work here, Darla. I’ve been told that other drivers have received similar intimations of legal action from MHL which scared them into removing their negative social media reviews. That’s why I screen-capture everything for good measure. I also know that when taken to Small Claims, MHL likes to counter-sue their owner/operator plaintiffs. I get it. You guys like to push back. was created as a resource for drivers who believe they have been wronged by MHL transport & Marnor Holdings. It’s a collection of personal accounts, publicly documented court cases, social media commentary and facts. The fact is: I’m investigating MHL Transport because of what I saw my friend going through.

That’s not slander, Darla. Slander is purposefully making a claim that can be proven to be untrue. John Doe is addicted to prescription meds is slander. John Doe is evading taxes is slander. And, slander only if those things could be proven to be untrue. If someone has papers, emails, contracts, audio recordings and first-hand accounts of things to back up various claims – well, that’s more of a slam-dunk scenario. Sorry.

You want this site to go away? Don’t insult me with the “48 hour” ultimatum nonsense. Consider why it exists in the first place. Reflect on that a moment.

Ready? This site exists because there are folks with complaints. They have similar allegations, there’s a similar pattern of events, and they have similar experiences when trying to deal with MHL in the end. I see your responses to them: It’s a big company, you say. There will always be some disgruntled people, you say. And yet, the complaints keep coming and don’t seem to get addressed. It continues, and then eventually someone gets caught up in it who has a friend willing to work pro-bono for a little justice.

Address their complaints. Answer their emails. When they say you owe them thousands of dollars, hear them out and then explain clearly why you don’t. When they claim they’re being charged interest on an advance they didn’t ask for, explain clearly why that’s not the case. When they ask why the statements seem to confusingly intermingle credits and debits in the same columns, explain clearly the magic of their design. When they claim you’re sneaking extra charges into their ICBC insurance payment, explain clearly how that’s not the case, or if it is, explain why that’s the case. There’s a start.

There’s more, but I believe some of us have a really good hand, Darla. One doesn’t want to show it off too early.

Trust me, I’d love for nothing more than my friend to tell me everything was A-OK and he had no more complaints with you, that the right thing was done. I’d gladly close up shop. Really, I’d much rather be enjoying the outdoors than sitting at my computer with my jaw on my lap.

But quite frankly, it may be past that point. People are absolutely furious with your company. Not one person. Not two people. People. Like the one who CCd all your drivers to let them know what they think of your company. Like the one who emailed to tell me of his seething anger at what he says happened to him. Like the ones who’ve left comments on this website. Like the ones who leave comments all over the web. Like the one who cried on the phone when talking about his experience with your company. These people are starting to come out of the woodwork, Darla. They’re really, really mad about something. Have you noticed? They’re starting to do something about it. More power to them.

The truth will come out, and not soon enough.

Thank you kindly.


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  1. I totally agree with the comments on this, I was one of many O/O For MHL that got screwed for 10000.00 at the end and I’m just waiting to get on board on this ride, and so would eight others O/O that worked at MHL that got screwed for money owing. This site should go viral and see what happens.

  2. Please add me to the list of disgruntled ex-employees. I worked for Marnor in the admin department for one year and was appalled at the lies and treatment of both office staff and owner operators. Quite frankly, the Nicholsons only care about themselves and lining their own personal pockets. Nothing would make me happier than to see this company go down in flames. You are doing a good thing here for the owner ops and I wish you every success in revealing Craig and his companies and his family for the scum they are.

  3. Love the web site and loved your response to their libel threat. This company loves to use legal jargon to intimidate those that are unhappy with them. If legal jargon doesn’t work they contact their lawyer who sends threatening emails reminding people of non compete and non disclosure agreements signed 7 years AFTER employment started (like that would hold up in a court of law). Sites like this and others that show these companies for what they truly are a welcome breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work exposing these predators. Hopefully it helps other owner operators from becoming victims.

  4. MHL Transport ( Marnor Holdings ) employes over 120 people across Canada , we are. Multi-cultural company , with great respect for what Canada stands for.
    As for this web site ? We find it troubling ? We hope people also realize the same, That the person that started this website can’t leave there name , the person who started this website is a friend of the person who was wronged? We don’t understand that. I have had many , people ask me about this website. The first thing they say to me is. “Why is the person who made this website not putting there name here, To this site. “You have or make everyone put there name and e mail , or its not possible to leave a message , However , you won’t put your name on this site or who you are. So I will put mine , with a offer to meet anyone to discluss anything. So I am leaving a message for people to contact me personally. The drivers of our company / the staff of our company give back to the community ,and love working at our company. They are good people. The people that are on the MHL TEAM say why don’t you post why they don’t work for you anymore. Why don’t you defend your company. Well , I say , hurting other people is not the answer. I don’t think that would be right. I will say that we deal with over 70,000 different people or movements that involve people all over the North America , In any given year. The people here equate too less than 1 /10 of a percent of those people. That seem to have a problem with our company. It’s not perfect . Having zero issues would make us happy ! I would like to personally invite everyone that has an issue here to contact me personally . .We want everyone to know , that even if there is one person that is feeling that we have done something wrong it’s 1 too many.
    The culture at Marnor (MHL) is a positive one. We have values we live by every day.
    1) Safety
    2) professionalism
    3) Honesty
    4) integrity.
    5) respect.
    We have these values to guide us. I do encourage any one who may have an issue with Marnor ( MHL) to pick up the phone. If you would like to discuss any thing. I suggest you call , or e mail me. My personal line is 1-800-488 -2985 Ext 339. Please feel free contact me for anything you might be happy about or unhappy about . . If you don’t want to phone , then please feel free Email me I will leave that here as well. Sincerly Craig Nicholson. President /CEO – MHL TRANSPORT

  5. To the MHL TEAM wanting Craig to post why we don’t work there anymore.

    Let me answer it for you.

    Most of us quit. Yes there were some that were fired. Some were even fired with cause, but most were fired for no other reason than Craig and the companies had taken whatever knowledge they needed from these individuals and then fired them. Sometimes they were fired at work, but the lucky ones received a call (on the weekend, or a stat holiday, or when they were in bed sick) at home to tell them their sevices were no longer needed.

    Those of us that quit did so because

    We couldn’t work anymore for a company that treats people like a disposable commodity.

    We couldn’t work anymore for a man that has no respect for people.

    We couldn’t sit there and watch owner operators, and employees treated like garbage to the thrown away once Craig and MHL were done using them.

    We couldn’t sit idly by while Craig fired people in front of the entire office because he was angry about some perceived injustice to either the company or himself.

    Owner operators have left because they felt they were being short changed, because they felt MHL and Craig broke the contract by charging fees that were not part of their contact, because they were going broke and leaving and going somewhere else made more sense than staying and losing everything.

    Maybe the better question you should ask Craig would be:

    Why has there been a turn over in staff (across all the companies and offices) in the last 3 years of more than 60 people?

    Or maybe ask

    Why have the companies gone from around 98 owner operators to less than 30 in just 3 short years.

    Does that sound like a company with values?

    Does that sound like a company that cares about professionalism, honesty, integrity, or respect?

    Think about that, think about why Craig won’t post why we don’t work there anymore.

    Perhaps it’s because everything you were told about why and how we all left were lies or fabrications. Or Craig’s own personal twist on the truth.

  6. Better off starting your own trucking company as MHL goes on load boards to get loads . Such as load match . It’s easy to get a MC # and a Dot #
    Once you get that your set !!!!
    Then you can compete against them and take loads away from them.

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