Another Facebook Review – “worst company I’ve worked for”

From a 25 February review on the MHL Transport Facebook page. At this point, the allegations sound like a broken record:

Stay far away. Roadrider,MHL and Riteway is the worst company I’ve worked for. 7 months and my deductions were $3000 more than my gross. And he still insists I owe him $17,000 for truck repairs. He double brokers on military loads and charges $2100 for trailer rental. Adds on extra deductions like cargo downstroke and he thinks a profit sharing program he has is awesome. 1 month the sharing was $2.75. He has made many owner Operators go broke. STAY AWAY FROM THIS group of companies. He’s been taken to court multiple times



MHL responded to a different 1-star review on the same page in this following exchange, which was then joined by the above driver and another driver who opined “This place is a joke.”



In the exchange, MHL assumes the role of legal expert and alleges that the Facebook commentary is “very serious slander” and “could result in some unfortunate consequences” for the poster – clearly an attempt to stifle criticism of the company by intimating legal action. It’s very easy to threaten legal action, people do it all the time, but it’s much harder to follow through on it. Proving that an accusation is actually slander would require that the accusation be baseless. Proving baselessness would require shedding light on the accusations and determining their veracity. The drivers I’m dealing with would welcome that scrutiny and publicity. Based on their conversations, it is forthcoming.

The fact that these claims have appeared so many times, by so many different individuals, is either an anomaly or it suggests something. The MHL rep states these are “disgruntled people” as a result of “miscommunication or misunderstanding” with a “vengeful attitude.” She may very well believe that – I have no way of knowing what she does or does not know. But it is certainly strange that there are so many people – my friend included – all saying similar things.

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  1. Slander is only slander when the facts are not true !!!! Based on all people accusing Mhl of same things , one would assume facts are true and such a case that it is not slander . I can see if one complaint , but numerous ones .i personally worked for these morons and I agree with all the complaints . They have you driving everywhere like chickens with your head cut off . They show you good paying loads and then they nickel and dime you to death and at the end you owe them . Just like Craig the owner last name Nicholson . Nickel and dimer . They say they have all these trucks . They own nothing . It’s tge owner operators that own the trucks and on paper it looks like they own the trucks because you put the trucks under there name as it runs under their authority numbers. I heard drivers getting trucks totalled and because owner operator trucks are under mhl name that Icbc pays mhl for truck write off and then mhl says to owners you owe me and deduct all monies from Icbc cheque and leave owner operator with nothing . Look up Craig Nicholson under small claims and you will see lots of actions against him . I met this clown once and he couldn’t stand still . Look like a drug addict coming off drugs and I heard that he was a ex heroin addict after I spoke to people about how he was acting when I met him for the first time , also he is missing fingers on his hands .his brother Steve works there as well and on spare time races his cars . Steve has fancy vehicles and wonder why he has all those nice vehicles . If all complaints about people getting ripped off you can put two and two together . They just bought property next door and named it STEVE’S tire shop . They properly got mortgage from bank stating that they own all these trucks, but not the case as the owner operators do and that is considered fraud to obtain funds from a bank saying you own all these assets and you actually don’t . Dispatcher Blair left company to go work at Sandliner and they opened up shop down the street . Safety guy Bill left and now one lady there is doing safety and administrative work . Other dispatchers left as well . Steve has his son working there . The only decent person there is Brett and he was managing place and then since everyone abandoning ship he went back as dispatcher .

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