British Columbia Civil Court Database: Cases Against Marnor, MHL, Rite Way, Road Rider & Craig Nicholson

The British Columbia Civil court case records are open to the public, though there is a charge of $6 CAD if you want to download the PDF files. They can be accessed at this link if you wish to do it yourself, but as of today, 15 February 2017, this is what you find.

A search for BC cases pertaining to Marnor Holdings turns up this:

A search for BC cases pertaining to MHL Transport turns up this:

A search for BC cases pertaining to sister company Rite Way Freight Systems turns up this:

A search for BC cases pertaining to sister company Road Rider Transport turns up this:

And this is what you get when you search for Craig Nicholson, the company CEO:

I have not delved into all of them, but I have found numerous small claims cases (small claims meaning $25,000 or under) that match the experiences of my friend for whom I started this website. As I go through them and look through the documentation, I will post my findings under the Court Documents tab.

These are only the civil cases that went to court. I am in touch with other owner/operators who plan to take the company and Craig Nicholson to court in the near future.

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