If You’ve Worked For Marnor Holdings, Thoroughly Check Your Statement

In looking at the financial statements that MHL Transport, Road Rider and Rite Way owner/operators were given from Marnor Holdings Limited, one thing is clear: They are difficult to read — and I beleive that is by design.

I found credits and debits in the same column. I found mysterious charges that warranted further explanation. A former Marnor employee (perhaps future witness!) took a look at them and expressed bafflement. I’m a smart enough guy – and they had me scratching my head. Imagine if English isn’t your native tongue.

When drivers do contact Marnor to inquire, the folks there talk in circles or explain them as clerical “errors.” When it’s blatant, they will correct the “error.” But you can rest assured they don’t correct the error if you don’t find it.

Here’s a gem I recently learned of:

Drivers noticed charges on their statements which they didn’t understand. When they inquired about the charges, they were told that they were an interest payment. What was the interest payment for? Well, the good folks at Marnor had advanced the drivers money without the drivers ever having asked for an advance! In other words, they loaned money to their drivers that the drivers never asked for – and then charged the drivers interest on that money.

Add to that the fact that they are jacking up the costs of the ICBC insurance payments that they charge their drivers, plus a brand new charge I learned of last week that needs to be kept under wraps for now — and there sure seems to be a lot of supplemental money-raising going on at the expense of the drivers doing all the work.

So, if you’re an owner/operator, I tell you this: I would bet money that there are items on your statements that don’t belong there. And I would bet money that those items benefit Marnor and not you. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, and go over those statements. If they’re confounding and make your eyes glaze over, just know that’s on purpose. The less clear it is, the better the chances they’ll get away with what they’re doing. In that case, find yourself a friend who’s good with reading that stuff and pour them a few cups of coffee as they go over your statements.

In short: If you’ve worked for Marnor, go over your statements with a fine tooth comb. Expect surprises.


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