Driver: “If you want to be disrespected, [MHL Transport] might be the place for you.”

From the Truckstop Canada forum, a very familiar story:

We worked for them for 1 year 2012-2013……The main problem is that there are too many office people and nobody knows what is going on…..there was one dispatcher for western Canada (this is who we ran under for the most part) then there was another one that ran the eastern fleet (we ran under him for the first 2 months, if you refuse to do a load for him he will put you in the time out box and you wont make a dime) He is also a partner which meant that when we went and talked to Craig (1 of the 3 brothers) about the issues it made it worse. I know of at least 6 other drivers that have left over the last 6 months just due to the fact that you cant go to anyone with your issues and try to get results…….They are really good at having a guy come on and buy a truck and trailer through them on the never never plan. They Nickel an dime a guy and when they give you a rate, if you have to get permits or pay for a ferry they take their 15% off the top first and then deduct the permit and or ferry costs plus turn around and charge you 10% interest because you used their account to pay for the expenses.

Since I’ve been investigating MHL Transport/Marnor Holdings, the most common themes that come up in complaints are:

  • Disorganization
  • Nickel-and-Diming the owner/operators
  • Punishing drivers
  • Not getting enough work

See the message thread for yourself here.

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