Former Marnor Transport Driver Alleges He’s Owed Nearly $2,000

From a December 2016 review on Google Business that I just came across, another driver complains about Marnor. Once again, the allegations from this driver are the same that I’ve seen from other Marnor/MHL Transport drivers in the emails I have, as well as reviews I’ve seen posted on message boards or review sites.

  1. Not enough work.
  2. Unsubstantiated charges.
  3. Disorganization.

Spend enough time on this site and you’ll see for yourself as I’m collecting them all. Here’s this driver’s review:

Used to work for as Owner Operator for them. What a mistake. Not only they didn’t provide us with promised volume of work load, but even didn’t pay us for the work we performed. They still owe us about 2 grand.
Also, they charged us 1/3 (about $1900) for the trailer repair after we resigned. I predicted that kind of thing at the time we returned the trailer, and asked them to do a walk around inspection. They told me that it was no need for that. By the way, they haven’t done it in the first place when we were given that trailer for rent. We got it in very bad conditions. It was really muddy, and with no brakes, so we had to ask the yard people at least to adjust them for us. We had to fix the lights(wiring) by ourselves as well in the middle of nowhere, and thanks God we were able to do that. So, I have no idea how you can charge for some damages on the rented unit without having a prior report about any state of the thing you rented it out? But that’s Marnor Holding – the most unorganized company I’ve ever worked at. People who steal the money you earned – are thieves. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

This is the response from a Marnor Holdings Ltd. representative:

Hi! I’m sorry you feel you have been wronged. I can attest to the fact we run an honest fair business, have never missed a paycheque for a single driver or vendor, and have paid for everything we’ve ever owed anyone for. We have been in business many years and succeeded growing from 9 trucks to 90, simply because we provide our customers a superior service and treat our people well. Trucking is a complex and complicated business and it is one where you can never make everyone happy. We have many owner/operators that have been with us for many years and make a healthy living working for us. We value our customers and our staff – including our drivers and continue to thrive as a result. In any relationship, it takes two parties with good honest intentions to make it work. When things don’t work out for one reason or another, someone is always unhappy – it doesn’t mean anyone has wronged anyone else. I am aware of the circumstances of your situation and am sorry you are displeased with us, but we make the best business decisions we can given all facts at the time. I wish you the best of luck in your future endevours.
I have to say, Marnor’s public communication is much nicer than the incoherent, rambling, angry emails I have from CEO Craig Nicholson to the drivers. They seem to be written by a different person. Here’s the review on its own.

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  1. I worked as oo fir 6-7 months and seen 30000 in advances and 10000 in repair bills. That’s all I would of seen out of $143600 gross. 40000 adds up to nothing for owner op.

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