More Drivers Report Bad Experiences with Marnor Holdings/MHL Transport

From the message forum on, a thread that began with a December 2011 post titled “Bad Experience as O/O with Marnor Holding aka MHL”:

I would stongly suggest that if anyone is thinking about signing on with MHL/Marnor Holdings out of Aldergrove BC -be cautious.

They have not a care in the world about pulling the plates off your truck once you return to the yard and leaving you stranded. If you do sign on with this carrier – watch your statements very carefully as they are vague on their descriptions for deductions and like to miss loads that you should be paid for.

You may see a nice paycheck for the first couple and then slowly your constantly owing them monies. Also note that you would never be home as that is apparently not an option to have home time with your family. They want you to run like an idiot for no pay and no home time. That hardly seems like a company anyone would care to work for.




Naturally this caught my eye: “watch your statements very carefully as they are vague on their descriptions for deductions.” 

That’s because I have in my possession numerous financial statements given to drivers from MHL Transport, and I can tell you first-hand that they employ the fuzziest accounting I have seen. It seems to me to clearly be an attempt to confuse the driver. When I have the time, I’m going to try and dissect one for everybody. But holy hell they are confusing. They were shown to another driver with lots of experience and he pointed out a ton of inconsistencies.

The message thread diverts into discussions and complaints about another trucking company, but then returns to a new driver complaint about Marnor Holdings/MHL Transport from September 2013:

This may be off topic but i was searching for them and am not sure if i should post it here.
MHL LOGISTICS/MARNOR HOLDING.Our invoice is 92 days old now. for last 3 weeks girl kept telling me that cheque is in the mail even after i ask them not to mail and i will arrange to pick it up. we are only 25-30 miles away and after 3 weeks, we still have not received the cheque. may be canada post is slow. when i ask the girl to stop payment and issue new cheque, her answer was wait another week or two, you will get it. i think they are just holding the cheque.

This is not the first time I’ve heard drivers mention that they were told “the check is in the mail.”

I’m currently in touch with a driver who has been waiting for some paperwork that has supposedly been on its way for months. The driver believes the paperwork will incriminate MHL, and it’s why they aren’t sending it. He believes MHL is simply hoping to wait them out until they give up and go away.

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