About MHL Transport Reviews

I started this site in November 2016 after a friend of mine encountered issues getting paid by MHL Transport – Marnor Holdings Limited, a trucking company that operates out of Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Marnor also operates Road Rider Transport and Rite Way Freight Systems.

When my friend’s issues with MHL Transport began, what he told me and showed me seemed fishy, so I wanted to find out more. It didn’t take much Internet sleuthing for me to discover other instances of owner/operators complaining about MHL Transport on trucker boards, in court cases, in emails.

These drivers had similar complaints as my friend did against the company. The complaints were about false promises, arbitrary charges, fuzzy math on statements. What I have found strongly suggests it’s worthy of further scrutiny.

So, I started this website. I did so because what I saw my friend going through made me angry. I felt he was being taken advantage of and I wanted him to have recourse. I want other drivers to have the same opportunity.

I have been provided documents from drivers and forwarded emails. Some drivers are looking to connect with other drivers and discuss their situation, others tell me they are planning legal action of their own. If you have interacted with MHL Transport/Marnor Holdings Limited and its CEO Craig Nicholson, feel free to contact me to share your story. Let’s shed some light on these folks and how they operate.

Complaints against MHL Transport (a/k/a Marnor Holdings Limited) are filed under the category Driver Experiences.

Court cases I come across will be filed under the category Court Documents.

I’m putting resources drivers can use under the category Driver Resources.

If you’re eager to take action on your own I’ve made it easy by compiling a simple list of things you can do here.